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1982 Brochures

Front Cover
Z40, Z45, Z10
Z8, Z18
Back Cover


Front Cover
Ca Sent Bon L'Effort
Pro 10, PY10S, PX10DU, PX10S
PSV10S, PF10S, PFN10S, PF10, PFN10, PFN13
PBN10S, PH15, PH10S, P10
PX18S, PX8S, PH8S, PH8M, P8, PH18S, P18
PF65, PF60, TM8, TH8
Ca Sent Bon Le Confort
VX45MF, VX40MF, VL40M, PRP20M, PNS55S, NS640, NS540
PX45S, PH45M, PH35S, P25, PH40M, PH22M, PX50S, PL50M, PH50M
Precision, Specialistes
CPX310, CPX210
CPX100, CPX16, CPX14
J11S, C50CX, C46CX, C40CX
J8GL, C50MDL, C40MDL, C37CD, C32C
F32, MJ, MC, RML, M23S, Baby, CPX12, CP14
Summary Table of Race Models
Summary Table of Race Models
Back Cover


Last Updated 21 June 2021