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1986 Brochures

This Gamme Course brochure is one in a series of 3 undated mid-1980s French brochures (based on the similarity of models in dated USA and Dutch brochures) nested between the dated 1985 and 1989 French brochures. The first brochure in this series does not have aluminum or carbon frames and is believed to be of 1986 vintage, the second has aluminum frames and is believed to be of 1987 vintage, and the third has both aluminum and carbon frames and is believed to be of 1988 vintage. Furthermore, the dated 1985 French brochure does not have aluminum or carbon frames, and the dated 1989 brochure does. The evolution of model names and numbers in the French brochures, and their similarity with dated USA and Dutch brochures also supports this hypothesis.

The Gamme Sport, Ville and Tourisme brochure is believed to complement the Gamme Course brochure based on similarity of design.

Gamme Course

Front Cover
Gold, PH20M
PH501, P10S
Back Cover

Gamme Sport, Ville, Tourisme

Front Cover
Gamme Tourisme
Gamme Sport / Cyclotourisme
Gamme Sport / Cyclotourisme
Back Cover



Last Updated 21 June 2021