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There are many options to share photos of your Peugeot bicycles with other Peugeot-philes. Consider joining a Peugeot bicycles specific Flickr or Facebook group listed below. Or, send to me a URL address for your personal website and I will list it in the 'Individual Peugeot Bicycles Galleries' section.

Peugeot Bicycles Facebook and Flickr Groups

This group appears to be very active.

Cycles Peugeot Public Group

These groups appear to be somewhat active.

Peugeot Vintage Bicycles

Peugeot Roadbikes Club - P.R.C.

These groups do not appear to be active.

Cycles Peugeot

Velo Peugeot

Individual Peugeot Bicycle Galleries

Veloulii's (Tonton Velo Forum) flickr photogallery

Peter Kohler's Bicycle Collection

David Koski's (koskid) Bucket

Stronglight's Peugeot Photogallery

Speedbicycles 1968 Peugeot PX10

Peugeot 1975 PY10E Prestige Gold Series

Arguably the most attractive bicyle every made by Peugeot. Below is an incredibly well-preserved all original 1975 PY10E Prestige gold series that was advertised briefly on EBay by 'collector365' in January 2015. You can see the full preservation process of this bicycle by John's Bicycle Restorations. Thanks to Ray for sharing these photos of his collectible pug for use on the BikeBoomPeugeot website.


Webmaster's Stable of Peugeot Bicycles

An exhibition of the webmaster's early to mid-1960s AO8, UO8 and PX10 bicycles will be posted as time permits. Follow BikeBoomPeugeot on Twitter for updates.


Last Updated 15 October 2016