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Visit Velo-Retro for a comprehensive up-to-date listing of "Other Great Vintage Bicycle Sites."

Peugeot & French Bicycle Sites

Peugeot Show (Cycles Retro-Peugeot)
A large collection of Peugeot brochures, mostly Dutch edtitions from the Nederland.

Cycles Peugeot Museum
Satoshi Shoji's complementary Peugeot website covering Japan.

The Catalog of Reminiscence
Gami's complementary Peugeot website covering Japan.

Peugeot PX-10 Database
A nice (but outdated) history of Peugeot bicycles, especially the PX-10, and my inspiration for creating a website that emphasized the lower-end models.

Cycles Peugeot Flickr Group
P. Lynn Miller's website for sharing photos and information about vintage Peugeot bicycles, especially the models less well known that the PX10.

The Late Sheldon Brown's Website
A very good website to visit for specific information on Peugeot bicycles and vintage bicycles in general.

Classic Rendezvous
Lots of information on French bicycles and components as well as other vintage brands from 1900 to 1987.

Classic Bicycles
A Japanese website dedicated to vintage bicycles. Checkout the Parts Brands Virtual Museum.

EuroVelo 6
A nice history on posters of
Peugeot in Valentigney.

An excellent searchable vintage cycling database.

Robert Broderick's photo gallery of albums, catalogs, brochures etc.

Vintage Bicycle Virtual and Mortar & Brick Stores

These are a listing of stores that I have personally had the pleasure of dealing with and have been very happy with their services.

Yellow Jersey, Ltd.
Andrew Muzi is always super helpful.

Last Updated 6 March 2024