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Warning: Restoring And Refurbishing Bicycles Can Be Addicting

My father's 1972 Peugeot AO8 was my first restoration that hooked me on the hobby. I learned by trial and error the first time with the help of my LBS and good textbook and internet resources. I have since restored a number of other pugs, with each restoration getting a bit easier.

Recommended Textbooks & Websites

I found these resources to be particularly useful:

Zinn & The Art of Road Bike Maintenance
Glenn's Complete Bicycle Manual
Harris Cyclery and Tool Tips by Sheldon Brown
My "Ten Speeds" The Work Shop



Most of my tools were purchased from Park Tool, Bicycle Research Tools,, and Bicycle Tools Etc.

To work with cottered cranks I recommend the crank cotter press manufactured and sold by Bikesmith Design & Frabrication.


Noureaux Coloris des Bicyclettes et Cyclomoteurs

These are the actual paint chips for the "New Colors for Bicycles and Mopeds" in 1972. The photographs were taken in RAW format with a Nikon D70 SLR outside under cloudy and sunny conditions to give the most lifelike color composition.



I highly recommend Cyclo Mondo for quality decals (some examples shown below). The Cyclo Mondo store can be found on EBay at or directly at


If you plan to rebuild a wheel I recommend Zinn's book for technique, and the Wheels by Fleming website to determine the correct rim, spoke and hub combination. Robert Shackelford is super helpful and his spoke chart is invaluable.

Rust Removal

Oxalic acid "wood bleach" is a relatively mild acid that can be used to remove rust from steel components and frames. Do not expose aluminum parts (or yourself) to oxalic acid. I could not find "wood bleach" in local home centers or hardware stores so I ordered oxalic acid via the internet. Dissolve 2 ounzes powdered oxalic acid in 1 gallon water. Simply submerge the rusted part and soak overnight in a plastic container and remove the reduced iron with a stiff tooth brush. If necessary, repeat. After the rust is brushed off, rinse with clean water, dry, and coat with a protective film of oil. I use the Menotomy Mixture in the Vintage Bicycle Cleaning Kit sold by Menotomy Vintage Bicycles.

Below are photographs of an Ideale seatpost from a 1972 Peugeot PR2 that I restored before and after treatment with oxalic acid.

Before Treatment
After Treatment

Frame Pumps

Go to the Frame Pumps webpage for information on how to reburbish and repair Peugeot-equipped AD-HOC and Ventolux frame pumps.

Frame Pumps


Last Updated 6 March 2024