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1980 or 1981 Brochure

This an undated poster is believed to be of 1980 or 1981 vintage. The dating is based on the similarity of the PK12 and PX12 model (these are the only models assembled but not manufactured in Canada) descriptions with the Peugeot 1981-1982 USA brochures. Also, the poster has the Velo Sport (1974) Inc. designation similar to the 1979 Canada brochure, but not the Velo Sport (1982) Inc. 1983 copyright designation of the 1982 Canada brochure.

UO5/UO15C Club
UO6/UO16C Sport
UO9/UO19C Super Sport
UO10 Trophy
UO12 Sprint
PB12/PBL12 Course
PF12/PFL12 Champion
PK12 Competition
PK13 Competition
PS12 Competition
PX14 Super Competition
PY14 Professional
UE19/UE9 Super Sport
UE16/UE6 Sport
UO16 Sport
TX25/TX20 Tourisme
VX25/VX20 Deluxe
VX40/VX45 Classique
PA45/PA40 Randonneur
PF40/PF45 Gentleman/Ladies
C46/F46 Sprint Jr.

Last Updated 21 June 2021